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Keep Pursuing Green Environmental Beliefs

We have stayed true to our philosophy of making sure our customers experience the best household supplier in Singapore since 2007.

We not only sell only good quality stuff, we also have top-notch customer service so that our customers not only get the best quality products but also experience top-notch customer service!

Best Quality Household Supplier

Ichiru Marketing was founded on April 10th, 2007. In the early days, they mainly visited Bazaar morning markets all over the island and developed their first major product, the supersoft blanket (Coral Fleece blanket), which is “uncommonly soft”, From 2007-2010, it was a hit in Singapore. 

In 2010, it was officially launched in OG department stores across the island, and also regularly held promotions in front of NTUC department stores. In 2010, we also held sales fairs at various shopping malls in the island such as Jurong Point, Tiong Bahru plaza, Whitesand, Lot One, etc. In 2012-2018, we set up a stall at the entrance of Jurong point Ntuc, and in 2011, we also set up a booth at the entrance of Jurong point Ntuc. 

2014 in front of Tampinese Mall Ntuc, 2015-2019 in Lot One 3rd floor and Whitesand 2nd floor shops etc.

About us

The current permanent stalls are at Jcube 1F, Tampinese One B1, Hougang Mall 2F and ChinaTown Point 1F.

Ichiru has been developing new products since 2010, and in 2014 imported the popular cartoon “buckwheat hull pillow”, which is made of natural and organic buckwheat hulls, in line with the company’s eco-friendly business philosophy. In the same year, also developed the first batch of silk sheets, customers are “love to put it down”, especially children holding not put, feel cold and soft, more comfortable than cotton quilts, night will not be hot wake up. In 2018-2019, it will be upgraded to anti-mosquito and lavender, and the quality will be improved, but the price will remain the same. 2018-2020, there are many copycat businesses on the market, and some unscrupulous businesses even try to confuse customers by saying that they are all the same brand! supersoft trademark, in fact, can only copy the same fabric, but can not copy the cotton core.

At the end of 2017, the development of a “touch of cool” ice silk quilt, cooling 4 degrees of Japan’s new innovative technology, although the price is high but often sold out.2020, Modal double quilt even more upgraded with French hyaluronic acid technology in the fabric.2015, the sale of Tencel washable pillows from wood, customers No more frequent pillow replacements. During the same period, Tencel sheets were also sold.At the end of 2015, the millet hull pillow replaced the buckwheat hull pillow because the longevity could be more durable and solved many customers with neck problems, with significant improvement within two weeks.

Until Now...

At the end of 2019, the Life Magnetic Latex Pellet Pillow from DuPont was developed to help customers achieve 8 hours of deep sleep. Multiple options are available to match the different sleeping habits of consumers. In the same year, also developed the innovative Japanese technology, cool feeling mattress and pillow cushion. In the same year, we also developed a new mattress and pillow, which are made with Japan’s innovative Cool Feeling technology, to make the hot summer days more comfortable and cool, absorb sweat and breathe, replacing the traditional bed sheet. 

2020, we also developed an ice silk latex mattress, which is antibacterial and anti-mite, and cool, giving customers an additional choice. 2020, we launched Japan’s top-selling ice silk quilt in July, and in August, we also launched the “King of Cat Mountain” ice silk quilt. -SuperCool Ice Quilt, repeatedly upgraded with Qmax Cool Feeling Value of 0.43 for even more coolness.

Household Supplies

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Optimistic young woman at home lies in bed under blanket.

Zero Pressure Sleep

Effectively reduce the number of stands Enjoy deep sleep. Quality Home Office brand ICHIRU, Combined with high-techhealth, and environmental elements, creating a series of material superior Bedding.

By comfortable bedding to help you create a healthy sleep environment Allows you to completely relax and enjoy healthy sleep with “zero pressure”  

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Why So Many Customer Support us?

Because our Product is make people feel Smooth, Breathable, and Skin-Friendly. The soft and comfortable fabric is able to dissipate heat quickly and cool down easily.

Quick Dissipation of Heat – The cool touch quilt is made with nano-grade jade powder which helps to dissipate heat from the body twice as fast.  Moisture-wicking – The backside is made of soft fabric that can absorb the sweat from your skin and let it escape into the air. 

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Household Supplies

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Second purchase of the ice silk cooling blanket because my girl snatch with me every night. The blanket is cooling without air con and its Super soft! Glad that I know this super soft thru FB. Best purchase of the year
Irene Sinz
Ordered in the morning and received a few hours later! Amazing service. Ice silk blanket is really soft and cool and my kids really like it. Thanks!Smooth transaction with great service and quality! Definitely my go to shop! 👍🏼
Samantha Chan

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