北欧全棉地垫 Cotton Floormat

40cm x 120cm Usual price:$19.90 Now:$10.00 40cm x 60cm usual price:$10.00 Now:Buy 1 Free 1 Floor mat can be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, room door, etc., breathable and moisture-absorbent. Made of woven cotton fabric, soft and delicate, bare feet on the soft and flexible. Green and environmentally friendly, prevent slipping, oil and water absorption, machine washable. Beautiful and durable! Anti-slip Cotton Floormat, absorbent,machine-washable

地垫可以放在卧室,洗手间,房门口等,透气和吸湿性强。 采用全棉面料编织而成,柔软细腻,光脚踩在上面柔软有弹性。 绿色环保,防止滑倒,吸油吸水,可机洗。美观耐用!!




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