Japan Cooling Mattress Protector

Cool to the touch Technology material Instant cool sensation Double material design Thin and breathable Sweat absorption and quick-drying Long-lasting coolness Bedding Energy saving, When the skin comes into contact with the fabric, you can feel the “coolness” of the material, which is cool to the touch, light and airy, and conducts heat quickly. The front side of the cooling fabric absorbs heat and can carry away the maximum heat of the body in a certain period of time.
Rapid-Heat Dissipation – The technical contact cooling quilt with nano-grade jade powder allows the body to dissipate heat twice as fast. Moisture-wicking – The softback fabric absorbs sweat from the skin and releases it into the air. Washable and Machine Washable – Machine washable and washable, which is more convenient for you. Energy-saving bedding – When the temperature is high, it is recommended to use a breathable mattress and air conditioner, and raise the air conditioner by 2-3 degrees to make your sleep more comfortable and energy saving.

  • Single 90cm x 200cm
  • Queen 150cm x200cm
  • King 180cm x 200cm


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