Latex Magnetic Pillow

DuPont Latex Magnetic Pillow – Avoid falling pillows and sore necks The fabric is made of magnetic fibers and medical research has found that placing an electromagnetic field around the head can enable insomniacs to sleep for 8-12 hours.
Can mediate brain waves, enjoy “dreamless” deep sleep, through infrared, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, improve human microcirculation! # filled with high content of natural latex particles from Thailand, elastic support cervical vertebrae, breathable, fit the curve of the cervical vertebrae, sleepless pillow # anti-bacterial mite, away from allergies

美国杜邦Latex Magnetic Pillow 生命磁乳胶颗粒枕, 避免落枕,脖子酸痛 面料是磁纤维,医学研究发现头部周围安置电磁场,可使失眠者连续睡眠8-12小时���
#可以调解脑电波,畅享“无梦”深层睡眠 #通过红外线,促进身体血液循环,增强免疫力,改善人体微循环!!! #内充泰国高含量天然乳胶颗粒,弹性强支撑颈椎,可透气,贴合颈椎曲线,安“枕”无眠 #抑菌防螨,远离过敏元


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