2024 Modal双人凉被( Modal Cooling Blankets)

2024 New  Modal Cooling Comforter Pure natural wood paddle ingested fiber 21St Century Green Fiber Skin-friendly, soft and smooth fiber material soft touch ensures comfort for sensitive skin Cool and breathable creates a refreshing sense of coolness for your skin
More absorbent than cotton, smoother than silk, cooler than hemp, reduces bacterial growth without adding any chemicals,  allowing you to sleep a beautiful dream and a healthy sleep.

200cm x 230cm double size Blanket


纯天然木桨摄取纤维 21St Century Green Fiber
亲肤柔滑 纤维细致光滑
材质柔软的触感 确保敏感肌肤的舒适感
凉爽透气 为您的皮肤创造清爽的清凉感

比棉更吸水 比丝更滑顺 比麻更凉爽

让您睡出美梦 睡出健康���


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