Korea Millet Pillow韩式小米枕头

Usual price:$29.90 Now:$25 (Est. size:22cm x 47cm) Natural millet hull pillow, the height can be adjusted with your sleeping habits. The granular millet hulls are very breathable, not stuffy, soft and hard to support the cervical spine. Cervical spine patients, very suitable, usually significantly improved sleep within 2 weeks.
This pillow is a natural and organic millet hull pillow, very durable. Sun once a month to avoid humidity due to sweating while sleeping.

 天然小米壳枕头,高度可以随着自己的睡眠习惯调节。 颗粒状的小米壳非常透气,不闷热,软中带硬,可以支撑颈椎。 颈椎病患者,非常适用,一般2周内明显改善睡眠。
此枕是天然有机小米壳枕头,非常耐用。 每月晒太阳一次,因睡觉的时候有流汗,避免潮湿。


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